How to Place an Order

Easy 3 Step Ordering

Step 1: View the Factory's website in the main frame and / or Click the Catalog button to browse their products..

Step 2: Enter the factory in the Select Brand field & the product ID # in the Price Search
at lower right and then click the 'GO' button.

Step 3: Find your product # listed below the 'Price Search Results'
window and click the 'Order' button.

Click on the buttons below to learn more about each feature. 

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Quick Jump Search

This button will open the Quick Jump Search - THE "Source/Resource" for thousands of product descriptions listed in the Construction Specification Institute's 16-division MasterFormat™.This FREE Estimating, Price Comparison and Purchasing Tool… more. [Back]


Select this button to browse, view and/or download pages from the manufacturer’s catalog or website. [Back]

Our Terms of Sale

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View Your Order

You can get to the Order Summary page at any time by clicking the View Your Order button.  [Back]


Click here to view and edit your account information, review your order history and re-order previous orders. [Back]

Other Manufacturers

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How to Place an Order

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Bulk Discount Code

If you have been provided a Bulk Discount Code for an additional discount on the website, enter it in the text box and click the Submit button. All pricing on the website will then change to reflect your your additional discount.   [Back]

Price Search

Once you have located the product that you wish to purchase, enter the factory in the Select Brand field, the product ID # in the Price Search field and click the go button.   [Back]

Price Search Results

Locate your product in the Search Results window.below the Price Search field. Click the order button. You will then be prompted to enter the quantity and add the item to your order. You may then return to continue shopping or proceed to the check out.  [Back]
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