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eBuildersSource is THE Internet “Source/Resource” for tens of thousands of product descriptions listed in the Construction Specification   Institute's   16-division   MasterFormat™.

Until now, searches based on the product divisions in the architectural specifications were limited to information for selected listings only, with links to manufacturers' websites. Options for submitting direct Purchase Orders or Requests for Quotes were mostly unavailable until now.



Our Quick Jump Search Tool will help you to  narrow your search by drilling down through “Categories / Sub-Divisions” or through “Manufacturers” to obtain a shorter, more refined list of search term hyperlinks. This valuable resource will save you hours of frustrating searches to  find the "players" before price comparison even begins.  We're committed to  including reputable factories providing quality products, whether they're available directly through us or not. You can feel confident that most or all of the information that you need to make an informed purchasing decision will be available through our Quick Jump Search, Live Support, email or by using our toll free phone or fax lines. Check out our Divisions below, along with their product categories:




General Data - Information, Resources & Special Tools
Site Construction - Site Structures, Fixtures, Components & Accessories
Concrete - Concrete Treatments, Fasteners & Accessories 
Masonry - Masonry Treatments, Fasteners & Accessories
Metals - Metal Assemblies, Components & Accessories
Wood & Plastics - Wood & Plastic Assemblies, Components & Accessories
Thermal & Moisture Protection - Treatments, Assemblies & Accessories
Doors & Windows - Assemblies, Components & Finish Hardware
Finishes - Finish Treatments, Surfaces, Assemblies & Accessories
Specialties - Special Purpose Assemblies, Components & Accessories
Equipment - Equipment Assemblies, Machines & Appliances
Furnishings - Furniture, Fixtures, Casework & Design Accessories
Special Construction - Enclosures, Controlled Environments & Systems
Conveying Systems - Conveyers, Lifts, Chutes & Handling Equipment
Mechanical - Plumbing and HVAC Fixtures, Equipment & Accessories 
Electrical - Electrical Fixtures, Equipment, Trim & Accessories 
Communications - Intercoms: Data, Voice, Audio 
Electronic Safety and Security - Access , Surveillance, Fire



The "Best Sellers" Stores

These stores are limited to the purchase of regularly sold products only. It is probably a simpler method of purchase for you to use if you aren't restricted to using specified brand names and product numbers. Their product/price databases are constantly modified and updated based on orders placed and quotes provided.

These stores use the standard web store format familiar to many Internet purchasers where products are displayed in search results as thumbnail images that can be maximized and viewed. Sizes, finishes, functions and shipping options can be selected and dropped into the shopping cart much the same as with many consumer sites.

Payment options online include credit cards only (Master Card, Visa & American Express). EFT Checks are also accepted, but on phone orders only.

The "Full Line" Store

This heavily customized store is based on software that until now was available only to suppliers and distributors, and only on CD. It's product search is based on Product Numbers, rather than Product Descriptions. This numerical configuration makes it possible to list literally thousands of SKU's for each manufacturer; i.e. we can now list each manufacturer's full product line, complete with various options and parts. This technology is a tremendous leap forward in streamlining the ordering process for seamless access to specified products by industry professionals.

eBuildersSource currently offers the Full Line of PEMKO Weather Stripping & Threshold Products* through our "Full Line" Store ordering system, allowing you to  order all 5000 of their products complete with numerous configurations and options. All of this is here, in addition to the display of Pemko's product page  in a frameset.

     *Pemko Manufacturing is listed in most Architectural Specifications as the preferred brand on commercial construction  projects. The following are some examples of Pemko products you can order through this "Full Line" store:

Door bottoms
Continuous hinges
Sills & metal and oak molding trim

Requests for Quotes (RFQ's)

If the product you're searching for isn't currently available through our "Best Sellers" stores or through the  "Full Line" store, the Quick Jump Search you will take you to our Request for Quote (RFQ) frameset page.
  • If we can provide these products directly to you at a competitive price, our Request for Quote form will load below your manufacturer's product page in the frameset. You can use this Request for Quote (RFQ) Form  to compare pricing ... then order by email, phone or fax.

  • If we have been unable to establish a purchasing channel for your product, or it is not conducive to direct sale due to necessary design or professional support requirements, your manufacturer's product page will load without the RFQ form.



All manufacturers or companies with whom eBuildersSource has an established relationship have the option of displaying their banners on our Links page. If you're a construction related manufacturer or service provider and would like to display your non-animated 468 x 60 pixel banner here, please feel free to contact us.


All brands sold through eBuildersSource will have competitive pricing. In the event that your products can be purchased by you factory direct for less, the sale of these products through eBuildersSource will cease. This is your guarantee that only competitive pricing will be offered at eBS. No sales tax is applied to purchases made from and shipped outside California.

Property and facilities managers, plant engineers, owners and contractors not requiring spec-writing or submittals of designed product schedules (residential, small commercial, remodeling, retrofit and tenant improvement) can obtain total packages from eBS at competitive lump sum prices. This special pricing is based on quantity, and is available through faxed Requests for Quotes (not e-mailed.) Express shipping options are available.

THE FUTURE (???) is a site that is continually growing and improving, so you can look forward to  exciting new developments on a regular basis.

You are invited to visit the site often. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged ... e-mail us.

Mission Statement
The goal of eBuildersSource is to provide the most comprehensive building products search and procurement system on the internet. We intend to accomplish this task while ensuring that  our customers, affiliates and employees continue to hold our firm in their highest regard - with complete confidence that we know that they deserve to be treated with respect and fairness and that...

eBuildersSource will achieve this with a commitment to these goals:

To provide property and facilities managers, plant engineers, owners, contractors and consumers access to products included in all 16 of the Architectural Specifications Divisions.
To bring all major manufacturers of these products to one location for product and price comparisons, through web links and fast, comprehensive search capabilities.
To make the direct procurement of these products available to those previously locked out through vertical or ‘channel’ marketing.
To reduce the cost of these products through the advantages of e-commerce and the reduction of paperwork.
To offer these products tax free outside of California.
To put the control of ordering, shipping and shipment tracking of many of these products into the hands of the purchaser, thereby reducing the potential for miss-communication errors and unnecessary delays.
To create a level playing field for the purchasers of these products, with pricing and shipping costs (if any) based solely on the size of the order, not on the company name.
To give the same quality of service and technical solutions for these products to all customers, regardless of the size of their account.
To make available online, a personal history of requests for quotes and purchase orders.

...and To be YOUR Internet ‘Source/Resource’


eBuildersSource is THE "Source/Resource" for thousands of product descriptions listed in the Construction Specification Institute's 16-division MasterFormat.

Until now, searches based on the product divisions in the architectural specifications were limited to information for selected listings only. Options for submitting direct Purchase Orders or Requests for Quotes were mostly unavailable...

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